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Name      (sortable)tag lineInterested in...
Ido Shapira    
Nimrod kozlovski     
Rafael Mizrahi   
sharing knowledge and inspiration. artificial vision. sound. design and aesthetics.
Itzik Kotler
Zeev Rabinovich     
Or Cohen     
Yuval Sapir     
Oded Margalit
Alon Kadury
Noam Rathaus    Fuzzing for fun and profit 
Yuval Kashtan
  All sort of interesting things
Elad Shapira    Reverse Engineering, 0s and 1s, Internals, Low Level 
Leon Fedotov    Web, Security, languages, architecture. 
Tomer Teller    Binary Instrumentation Techniques
Shachar Tal    Security generalist, some reverse engineering and hacking background 
Eyal Ben-Ari    Its all about interactive cyber networking 
Ariel Raunstien
  All sort of interesting things#2
Ezra Caltum    Learning stuff
Vadim Toptunov     
Uri Fleyder    Malware, botnets, web application security
idan tendler     
Daniel Leicht     
Michael Arov
Ofer Rivlin    Security engineering (architecture,  design, code, processes and test) and ethical hacking
Gilad Daniels     
Jan-Christoph Borchardt    usability, interaction, user experience, unobtrusive security 
גיא דפני
  מתעניין בעל כורחי באבטחת תקשורת ומידע
Uri Rivner 
Advanced threats, innovative defense and offense strategies.  And let me quote Dan Quayle here: "Bobby Knight told me this: 'There is nothing that a good defense cannot beat a better offense.' In other words a good offense always wins"
Oren Shani     
Limor Kessem    Advanced threats, Fraud Intelligence, Cybercrime
Iftach Ian Amit     
Idan Levin    APT, Cyber Security 
Dudy kaufman     
Hadar Yudovich     
Sergey Kogan     
Guy Tiferet     
Michael Krupnik    web vulnerabilities 
Elad Barkan  (No one seems to write a tagline, so I'll be the first)  Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Mobile Security, GSM,...
Eran Alshech    Cyber 
Yevgeniy Kulakov    Cyber security 



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