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התכנית באי-כנס נקבעת כולה בידי המשתתפים (וזאת אומרת את/ה).

וכך מוסיפים פעילות שלך לתכנית:

האפשרות הפשוטה ביותר היא להוסיף שורה בטבלה בעמוד זה.


למתקדמים, ניתן גם ליצור דף חדש לפעילות, ולקשר אליו מדף הפעילויות.


ולמי שעדיין מתקשה - פשוט שילחו את תיאור הפעילות במייל לאיציק קוטלר,

והוא יוסיף עבורכם את הפעילות..


The program of an Un-Conference is set by its participants

meaning you

To add your new activity to the program,simply add a row to the table below.


Advanced users can also create a new page, and link to it

from the this page


If you're still having problems, just send your actiivty by email to

Itzik Kotler , and he will add the activity for you




Activity Name  Description  Activity Leader  Comments 
Build your own Fuzzer  Jump start your fuzzing experience by building your own fuzzer in your favourite language, though I am knowledgeable in Perl, Python, Ruby and C++, I can help you start building your own fuzzer in any other language you want (bash anyone?) Noam Rathaus 


1) A laptop (Linux preferred)

2) Some programming language (JavaScript will also do)

3) Some background knowledge of security, for example, read about Fuzzing, Vulnerabilities, etc


What you will get from the activity:
1) Knowledge of what fuzzer are about

2) You will be able to fuzz one or more products with what you built

3) You will be able to find a vulnerability in a product I will bring to the activity



הצפנה קיסרית תוך שיתוף מפתחות באלגוריתם דיפי-הלמן
הסבר קצר + הדגמה של שמוש באלגוריתם דיפי הלמן לצורך תיאום מפתחות להעברת מסר בהצפנה קיסרית
גיא דפני

1. הבנה בסיסית של עקרונות הצפנה - מה זה מפתח הצפנה סימטרי

2. הכרות בסיסית עם JavaScript - בשפה זו תהיה ההדגמה

כספות קודגורו אקסטרים
נבנה "כספות" (שורדים בשפת סף) ונתרגל פריצה שלהן
עודד מרגלית
דרוש ידע בסיסי באסמבלי 8086
lecture about mobile security 

The lecture will enable a rare glimpse into the workings of hackers, when moving rapidly through a wide range of topics by using examples and stories of personal experience -
All in a wild and fun atmosphere but with a serious, in-depth and “out-of-the-box” perspective.

We will discuss and show updated android related attacks, reversing tools and malware analysis methodology, android internals and terminology, android forensics methdology and cool stuff you can do with your phone.

Elad Shapira  right now this is what i have in mind.  
Embedded Security - Security aspect inside embedded devices 

A fast lecture and a discussion (hopefully) about security aspects in embedded device, the lecture will include discussion regarding techniques used in their design, open source integration, outside vendors such as web servers infrastructures that may contain vulnerabilities that can be used by an attacker. 

Idan Livni   
Anonymous - you me and the APT?

The Anonymous movement is part of the modern globalization and hacktivism movements that have been making great progress around the world. More often than not though, in the recent month, the Anonymous brand has been used to lead and conduct "rogue" operations that may not fit within the "original" Anonymous concepts.

In this workshop we'll quickly go over a brief history of how Anonymous came to be, some of the activities associated with it, and will then spend some time creating an "op" for the unconference which will include a video message which will be anonymously uploaded to YouTube. Hopefully this will show modern media the ease of how such messages can be taken the wrong way, and why traditional journalistic integrity and fact checking is still needed (i.e. - "it was on the Internet, thus it must be true" does not cut it as journalistic work...)

Iftach Ian Amit  Participation is REQUIRED. An Anon video template, a laptop with a webcam and editing software are recommended. 
Live demo of a working botnet  I will demonstrate a working botnet, both from the victim's point of view (infected Windows PC, client side code injection, etc) and from the fraudster's point of view (exploit kit and botnet C&C panel, stolen data, screenshots from the victim's desktop, etc).  Uri Fleyder   
Threat Modeling - A practical approach 

presentation, examples and discussion

Ofer Rivlin   
What do Trojan steal and other examples from the world of Cyber fraud
I will show a video demonstrating  how a Trojan empties a victim banking account in 10 seconds.   The movie was created as a promotional video by the fraudster who developed the Trojan.
Michal Blumenstyk-Braverman
Unhosted: freedom from the web’s monopolies  Shortly describing the basics of unhosted (separating web apps and per-user data storage), what the remoteStorage protocol is and how to use it. Will also demo our first proper application using the architecture. Jan-Christoph Borchardt  Especially interesting for data liberators and web app developers. 
ZeusiLeaks and the APT Survival Guide Perimeter defenses? Bah! Take Zeus, still the dominant Trojan kit spread in millions of PCs worldwide. I'll show nerve wrecking evidence of information already in the wrong hands, as well as talk about APTs, what's your chance of detecting them, who's behind these attacks, and why they're so successful. Uri Rivner  No photos/video capture allowed 








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